Handsome macho gorilla pillow lets you snuggle on its ripped chest for a comfortable sleep

Modeled after one of the most handsome gorilla on Earth.

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Watch an artist sketch Shabani, Japan’s handsome gorilla, and fall in love all over again【Video】

This sketch is amazing…almost as amazing as Shabani’s gorgeous, steely eyes!

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Shabani the gorilla is so handsome he’ll be appearing on sweets in Japan this Valentine’s Day

From chocolates to primate “poop”, fans of Shabani the handsome gorilla have a lot to look forward to this Valentine’s Day.

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Japan’s phenomenally handsome gorilla getting nationwide DVD release

A DVD of Japan’s “hottest primate” is set to go on sale nationwide in December.

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Zoo reports increase in visitors as Japan’s women fall for this “handsome” gorilla【Photos】

What do we like best about male models? Is it the chiseled facial features? Or is it the stoic and strong look of someone who can shield us when things go wrong? Maybe it’s the kind and soulful eyes that tell you there is more to the model then just good looks.

Whatever reason you can come up with, we’ve found a new model that has all of these in spades. Beauty comes in many different packages and today that package is a gorilla! Take a look at the “strong but silent” model who is making waves in the animal kingdom and the Internet.

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