When Japanese Twitter user @nasuiro posted this picture of a blob of hand cream last week, he probably had no idea that it would end up being retweeted over 41,000 times

The tweet—which has racked up an amazing 41,000 retweets and 35,000 ‘likes’ so far—reads, “That moment when you decide to play office lady at your desk and put on some hand cream, but it unexpectedly comes out as such a perfect little swirl of poo, you can’t contain your excitement.”

▼ There is a distinct resemblance…

pile-of-pooImage: iemoji.com

Based on the number of shares, it seems like many Twitter users also thought this was cause for excitement, replying to ask about the condition of his skin after so much cream and whether it didn’t make his hands too moist to get any work done.

He replied, “Holy crap! Stop it with these crap replies to a crap Tweet about crappy-looking crap. The crap gestalt is crumbling!!!”

Nasuiro, I think you might need a more exciting job. But based on your sense of humor, you are probably a perfect match for us!

Source: Twitter/@nasuiro
Feature image: Twitter/@nasuiroiemoji.com