Get Link’s look without having to craft your own costume with this cool The Legend of Zelda hoodie.

Last year ThinkGeek released an official Legend of Zelda Halloween costume, complete with Master Sword and shield, followed by this bright, Wind Waker-styled Link hoodie for casual wear.

▼ While it might be cute, your enemies probably won’t be shaking in their boots when they see you in this.


But for Hylians and Zelda fans who prefer something a little less loud and a lot more badass, video game, TV and comic merchandise emporium Merchoid has come out with a new take on Link’s iconic look with their new Hero of Hyrule hoodie.


It’s just about subtle enough for everyday wear, but detailed enough to double as a quick cosplay piece. Priced at US$54.99, this officially licensed hoodie comes in mens sizes S-XXL, although we bet there are some ladies out there who would love to get their hands on one, too.

Right now the site is taking preorders for an April 30 release date, and even offers a 100-day guarantee or return if you or your princess aren’t impressed. Those living outside the U.S. will be happy to note worldwide shipping is free, too.

It might be a little early to be thinking about this year’s Halloween, but we think any time is a good time to add a little more fandom into your wardrobe.

Source: Merchoid
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