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Here at RocketNews24, cute cats and Shiba Inu get a great deal of love, but what about the underrepresented ferret? It can give the others a run for their money with its cuteness, and its long body is like a big furry hotdog that you just want to squeeze.

One Japanese Twitter user recently posted a photo of his pet ferrets doing something both adorable and hilarious. All of them insist on sleeping together on top of a special blanket, so no matter where the owner puts the blanket, the sleeping mass of adorable ferrets follow. Be prepared to squeal with cuteness after the jump!

Japanese Twitter user Itabo posted this tweet just a few days ago:

▼ “They always seemed to only sleep on top of the blanket, so I tried folding it up in the corner to see what would happen. They all piled up together in the corner lol.”


▼ So basically all the ferrets (and cat too!) would sleep together on top of the blanket like this…

ferrert blanket 01

▼ Even when it got folded up and put in the corner. The wood is lava guys! Don’t sleep on it!

ferret blanket 02

Itabo got requests to put the blanket in other positions to see what would happen. He tried folding it in a thin straight line, and here’s the result: (Click to enlarge.)


Japanese netizens couldn’t contain their overflowing enthusiasm for the ferrets and posted all about it:

“D’aww! I just want to stick my face into them!”
“Wait a minute… one of those ferrets looks a little catty.
“I don’t even know what these are but they’re adorable.”
“I thought the first picture was good, but the second one made my head explode with cuteness.”

Have you suddenly discovered an overwhelming love for ferrets that you didn’t know you had? No worries, just follow Itabo on Twitter and you can see plenty more pictures. Here’s just a sample of the cuteness that lies ahead:

▼ The most cuteness per square inch that has ever been inside of a hammock.


Source: Twitter/@garo004giru) via Hamusoku
Images: Twitter/@garo004giru)