Shigeru Mizuki

Shigeru Mizuki’s world of Japanese yokai comes to life in new exhibition in Tokyo

“Betobeto-san” © 水木プロダクション (Mizuki Productions)

A parade of monsters is coming to Roppongi Hills this summer, and it sounds like a treat! 

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The most unusual ATM in Japan? Banking with yokai spirits who want to know your PIN

Bank earns praise for unique way of warning customers about sneaky souls in the area.

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Shiba Inu dressed up as Japanese yokai achieve new level of cute and spooky

Even the pets of Japan want to show their respects to the recently passed yokai author Shigeru Mizuki.

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Kitaro, NonNonBâ manga creator Shigeru Mizuki passes away

Prolific manga creator Shigeru Mizuki passed away on Monday morning in a Tokyo hospital. He was 93.

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