If you’ve got the time and dedication, here’s one clever way to recycle your old analog TV monitor!

Niconico user gomafuomo is a lover of classic arcade games. He recently decided to put an old 25-inch (63.5-centimeter) cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor, which had been just lying in the corner of his room since the switch to digital TV, to good use by converting it into his very own retro arcade game cabinet.

The final product is truly impressive for a home-constructed labor of love, as it includes a monitor, drawers, joysticks, buttons, and a speaker unit. To top it off, it’s capable of playing Sega Saturn, PlayStation 2, and Windows XP games!

Check out a video of the construction process directly below, or scroll down for our own brief summary.

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Gomafuomo began by creating blueprints of the cabinet. He noted that all of the materials used in its construction could be easily bought at home centers or 100-yen shops, making it a manageable project for anyone with the motivation.




▼ He even added casters to the bottom!


▼ The cabinet is finally starting to come together after assembling the individual wooden pieces and installing the monitor.


▼ Check out the custom-designed drawer and bottom storage space.



▼ The addition of joysticks and buttons really make it look like an arcade game.


▼ Voila! The finished product with its sound system and spiffy outer decorations.


Now all that’s left is to sit back, relax, and indulge in some classic games of yesteryear:



Japanese net users were undeniably envious of gomafuomo’s creative mind and carpentry skills:

“It looks totally legit.”
“I really want this!!”
“His building skills are super impressive.”
“CRTs are really awesome after all.”
“It’s amazing you can actually play games with it!”

Perhaps building an arcade cabinet can be our next project during downtime in the office.

Source: Narinari
Images: Niconico/gomafuomo