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What more could any Dragon Ball fan wish for?

Despite serving as the series’ title, the characters of martial arts action anime franchise Dragon Ball don’t actually want the orange orbs themselves. What they’re really after is the staggering power represented by the right to have a single wish granted by the mystical dragon Shenron, who can be summoned by performing a ceremony requiring all seven Dragon Balls.

Of course, gathering the orbs is a difficult task. They’re scattered all over the world, and in your search for them you’ll be in competition with any number of super-powered martial artists, aliens, and cyborgs, many of whom don’t play nice. But now there’s a way to call forth Shenron without endangering life and limb: you can order him as a gigantic plushie.

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Measuring at two meters (6.6 feet) from nose to tail, Shenron’s stature gives him a sense of imposing dignity, as do his noble horns, exposed fangs, and blood-red eyes.

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Despite his prideful visage, though, he’s apparently open to a little cuddling.

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Multiple internal joints allow you to pose the dragon, or curl him up into a cozy cushion.

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▼ Just think, you and Shenron could be reading RocketNews24 together!

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The Shenron plushie is priced at 27,000 yen (US$225), meaning that unless you calculate that you can procure all seven Dragon Balls for less than 30 bucks a pop, ordering it here from the Premium Bandai site is the way to go. Shipment is scheduled for this coming March.

Source, images: Premium Bandai