OMG, indeed.

Awkwardness broke out at Los Angeles International Airport when the members of up-and-coming K-Pop group Oh My Girl were detained on suspicion of being sex workers. According to a statement from the group’s label, WM Entertainment, US customs officials got the idea after searching through the girls’ costumes and props.

It’s actually quite surprising since, according to several videos of Oh My Girl stage shows, they tend to be rather conservatively dressed compared to other K-Pop offerings.

The women in Brown Eyed Girls, on the other hand, should really reconsider any future American engagements to perform their song “Warm Hole.”

With the addition of a possible visa problem, Oh My Girl’s eight women, aged 16 to 21, were held for 15 hours before reportedly boarding a plane back to South Korea. As a result they had to cancel a performance and photo shoot for their next album cover.

WM Entertainment is said to be currently seeking legal advice to determine if the detention was unjust, but no legal action has been taken. There are also no plans for the group to return to the USA at the moment.

It’s not something the girls should get down about though. Many great musicians have had their run-ins with airport authorities. Why I think I remember when a young Paul McCartney was arrested in Japan after being confused for a gigolo. And there was that time Jimi Hendrix was detained in Canada for the mistaken belief that he was a snuff film producer…or something along those lines.

What I trying to say is that it’s a right of passage for history’s greatest musicians and surely a sign that Oh My Girl will join such ranks. Trust me, I’m never wrong about these things.

Source: BBC
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Videos: YouTube/ARIRANG K-POP, YouTube/Mnet (K-Pop)