Personal information of everyone in Amagasaki City lost by person who passed out drunk on street

Remember, don’t drink and carry the personal info everyone in the city.

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Miyazaki City mistakenly sends over 2M yen in meat to 140 people, instructs them to eat it anyway

Meat error in your favor!

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Japanese company Yellow Hat hilariously mistakes Pizza Hut for Italian dish-themed headwear

“Yellow Hatto” and “Pizza Hatto”, what could possibly go wrong?

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Tokyo apologizes for accidentally promoting child abuse

Mascot’s assigned task of “Child Abuse Promotion” went unnoticed for months.

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Student tries to advertise his university club at station, accidentally uses a picture of himself

A hilarious mistake that may end up being a good advertisement after all.

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Niigata school superintendent resigns over improper use of Japanese word for “you”

The linguistic error was seen as insensitive in light of a horrific situation.

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Unseasoned traveler hops into x-ray machine with luggage during airport security check【Video】

Ever wondered what the inside of a CT scanner looks like? One man in China will be able to tell you, after he hopped inside after his luggage during a security check.

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K-Pop group Oh My Girl mistaken for sex workers, detained at LA airport

OMG, indeed.

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Anime sleuths, can you spot the massive art mistake in this Great Detective Conan scene?

When most Americans hear the name Conan, they’re likely to think of either Conan the Barbarian or Conan the Late-Night TV Host/O’Brien. But when people in Japan hear “Conan,” they immediately think of the star long-running anime hit Great Detective Conan (which was released in the U.S. under the title Case Closed).

After being transformed into a child, brilliant detective Shinichi Kudo chooses the alias of Conan Edogawa, borrowing his new first name from Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle. But even trapped in the body of a young boy, Kudo continues solving crimes. Like Doyle’s famous consulting detective, no detail escapes the sharp eyes and clever eyes of Conan.

Well, except for this gigantic art mistake in a recent episode of the Great Detective Conan anime.

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Oops! There’s something not quite right about Nana Mizuki’s live tour publicity image…

Nana Mizuki, one of the few voice actresses in Japan who also has a successful singing career, is about to embark on a live tour, dubbed Live Adventure 2015. With 10 albums under her belt, the multi-talented seiyuu has been having annual solo concerts since 2000, and it’s no surprise that fans are abuzz over her upcoming tour, which starts on July 4. But the excitement and anticipation has not blinded net users enough to overlook some careless photo-editing that was spotted on one of the event’s publicity visuals.

Have you spotted the spooky mistakes in the photo yet? Read on to find out where they are!

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Malaysia clinic left red-faced as student gets five days off school with a case of “Chicken Chop”

A clinic in Malaysia has shot to fame after accidentally diagnosing a student with “chicken chop”.

An image of the medical certificate, which was given to a secondary school student suffering from the chicken pox, has been circulating on WhatsApp, causing much amusement – and embarrassment for the clinic in Sungai Buloh.

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Can you spot the mistake in this One Piece drawing?

There isn’t a manga fan that doesn’t enjoy a good color spread in their favorite manga magazine. However, a One Piece image in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump raised blood pressures online when fans noticed a mistake author Oda Eiichiro had made. Have you spotted it?

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Gone are the days when schoolbooks were made up of pages and pages of text. Today’s textbooks are just as likely to be filled with glossy, colourful images to engage and entertain students. This Thai textbook publisher, however, has come under fire for apparently sourcing an image from the internet to use on a book’s front cover – which turned out to be a photo of a Japanese adult video star.

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Nintendo tweets out ad for Sony’s PS Vita: jealous workers or inside job?

Despite having the full faith of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Nintendo has had some rough years recently with video game fans turning away from the company’s latest home console. So when Nintendo of Europe tweeted out a promo video for Sony’s handheld PS Vita last week, netizens wondered if this was just a mistake or part of a larger, more sinister plan for the video game industry.

Was the tweet promoting the PS Vita just a Freudian slip by a Nintendo employee or was it the result of some nefarious hacker’s work? Click below to read some fan theories about how this “Nintendon’t” made its way to the company’s official Twitter account!

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Samsung’s naughty ad: When autocorrect strikes back

Typographers and moral crusader beware! A risqué Samsung billboard promoting their Galaxy 3 notepad has been, ahem, erected in four countries, leaving the South Korean company with a potentially embarrassing public relations mess. The offending ad must have been designed by someone who forgot to turn off the autocorrect feature before editing, making for an unintentionally hilarious billboard. Click below to find out what the racy sign says!

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