Hey, you got your tuna in my house music! Hey, you got your house music in my tuna! Wait a minute…

On 28 December at clubasia in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward, a truly unique event will be held combining the elements of house music and cutting the head off a huge tuna. It’s called Maguro House (Tuna House) and is a type of tuna dismantling show.

A tuna dismantling show is where a team of fishmongers bring out a huge fish and carve it into sashimi which is then served to the audience. Often while the work is being done, other entertainment like games and quizzes are held. The shows have been growing in popularity in recent years, occasionally turning up at weddings.

In the case of Maguro House, a 40-kilo (88-pound) tuna will be dismantled and served to the crowd in 200 or so pieces. This will all be accompanied by a DJ serving up a steady stream of House music. Because you can’t have cuts of fish without some seriously killer cuts to accompany it.

Tickets to the event are currently 2,500 yen (US$20) in advance and 3,000 yen ($25) at the door. Since the organizers want this to be a tuna party and not a sausage fest, they want everyone to know that women can attend absolutely free. This means both entry and the fish will be comped for ladies.

The idea was spawned by Afromance, the event planners who were responsible for the giant 300-meter (984-foot) water slide which was rolled out at a number of urban locations in Japan earlier this year. The group also established Japan’s version of the Burning Man festival, Burning Japan among organizing other quirky parties.

It’s sure to be an odd night full of of lasers and fish guts, so if you happen to be in the Tokyo area around the end of the year, why not pop in for a slice and a few rocking grooves?

Source: Maguro House (Japanese)
Images: Maguro House
Video: YouTube/Nobuo Yoonekawa
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