Because who can judge what high fashion is?

Surprisingly–or perhaps unsurprisingly for those who are familiar with Japan’s often bizarre capsule toy offerings–canned food rings have been around for a while now. Building on the success of its past collections, Artuniv Techni Colour is now offering two series of canned cat food rings which are sure to delight cat owners who want to show off their fur babies’ delicacy of choice as a fashion statement.

The specialized rings are available at select capsule toy machines across the country. The first series features eight common brand and flavor offerings of popular Japanese canned cat foods: Kurokan, Kinkan, Junkan, Kodawari no Maguro Gold, Muichibutsu, MiawMiaw Tobikiri, Silver Spoon: Tuna for Cats 13 Years and Up, and Silver Spoon: Saucy Tuna. One randomly selected ring from the capsule machine costs 300 yen (US$2.80), and of course, we just had to keep going until we scored them all!

▼ Current capsule collection of cosmetic canned cat consumables

The first thing you notice about the rings is the incredible detail that went into rendering their packaging labels as realistically as possible (they even list ingredients!) as well as in maintaining the relative size of one can from another.

As one-size-fits-all rings, they’re a bit on the large side with inner diameters between 16-19 millimeters (0.63-0.75 inches).

Our reporter/model felt that the MiawMiaw Tobikiri and the Silver Spoon varieties were the smallest and fit well on her thumb. The others were all a bit bigger, with the Kurokan being the biggest of them all.

▼ One ring to rule them [famished felines] all

The second series, released on June 9, features six ring varieties of the Silver Spoon canned cat food brand for 300 yen each as well: Tuna, Tuna & Bonito with Bonito Flakes, Tuna & Bonito with Shredded Chicken, Tuna for Cats 15 Years and Up, Fish & Chicken Mix for Kittens, and Tuna & Bonito for Kittens.

▼ The Silver Spoon series lineup

All of these rings fit on our reporter’s thumb quite nicely and add a vibrant splash of color to any outfit. See how they stack up against the real deal, too!

People with really small fingers might want to consider converting the rings into pendants when going out so that they don’t fall off. In fact, each ring actually comes with a short ball chain that you can use to turn it into a keychain or hanging decoration.

In addition, if you’d prefer to display your rings rather than wear them, they each come with punch-out paper can tops that can be placed on the top of your rings to create the full illusion of unopened cans of food.

We certainly can’t predict where future collections of canned food rings will take us, but we can say that we’ll be eagerly awaiting them!

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