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The first time I went apartment hunting in Japan, I was shocked by how bare-bones some of them are. The lack of centralized air conditioning means often you have to go to the appliance store and buy your own AC unit, and oftentimes lighting and even a cooking range aren’t included either.

As a result, it’s always a relief to find an apartment that has any sort of amenities already included. And while a mini fridge or ceiling lamp is a nice freebie, neither one is anywhere near as cool as an apartment that comes pre-stocked with a library of manga.

The company Tomareru is looking to blur the line between an apartment and a hotel. By partnering with property owners with empty rooms, Tomareru seeks to provide a service for people who’re looking for a place to stay for a few days, but don’t necessarily need all the service and niceties of a full-fledged hotel.

It won’t be until fall that Tomareru’s operations get into full swing. For now, though, the company’s come up with a unique way to get people talking about it. As part of a special promotion, one winner will be selected to stay from August 11 to 18, free of charge, in an apartment that’s not only got a great location, but shelves full of comics.

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Anyone currently living in Japan and over the age of 20 is eligible. The apartment is just a one-minute stroll from Hakusan Station on the Mita subway line, and the Namboku Line’s Komagome Station is also within easy walking distance at just six minutes away. If you’re the kind of person who thinks that filling your living space with manga is by far the best way to decorate it, you’ll be happy to know the apartment’s location is about a 15-minute subway and train ride away from Akihabara, Tokyo’s anime paradise.

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Then again, you might not need to go out and buy any more reading material, seeing as how there’s already manga stashed in the main room, entryway, bathroom, and even kitchen of the 29.47-square meter (317.21-square foot) studio apartment. What you might want, though, is someone to share the place with, which is totally OK under the rules of the promotion. You are limited to one companion though, so if you’ve got several otaku acquaintances, you might want to organize a rock-paper-scissors tournament to determine who gets to tag along, since Tomareru is accepting applications only from now until August 3 on its website here.

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