derpy bunny top

If you listen closely, you can still hear the squeals of kawaii echoing across the internet.

The Easter Bunny may not be visiting houses for a few more months, but it seems to have already come to Japanese Twitter in the form of this adorable pet bunny making some of the most ridiculously adorable faces we’ve ever seen.

Here’s the original tweet:

“My rabbit was making a lot of noise and being annoying so I removed his grass box. Then he put a big heap of grass in his mouth. I’m not sure if he’s trying to say “You can’t have this!” or if he just bit off more than he could chew, but either way he looks ridiculous.”

▼ “Oh hello human!”

derpy bunny 01

▼ “Why are you taking my grass box?”

derpy bunny 02

▼ “I am so cute! Why would you do that to me?”

derpy bunny 03

▼ “Just look at my adorable little feets. They needs that grass box to plays in!”

derpy bunny 04

D’aww, what a cutie! With those big eyes and comical demeanor, the bunny looks like it’d make the perfect anime sidekick animal.

But just like any good anime character, the bunny has a hidden dark side that comes out when necessary:

▼ “Can you believe this is the same guy as before?”

▼ “Scared, human? This isn’t even my final form!”

derpy bunny 05

Yikes! Here’s what Japanese Twitter users had to say about this fluffy friend (who apparently has frequent flare-ups):

“Oh my god so cute!”
“Those eyes… so big….”
“He looks like he hopped right out of a Disney movie.”
“That last picture made me lol.”
“I think this bunny is me in animal form.”

Honestly, is there anyone out there who can’t relate to the bunny? When someone comes along and just steals your grass box away, first you act all cute and try to get it back, but when that fails, it’s time to get serious and break out the angry face. Well, either that, or you could just try not to carrot all.

Source: Twitter/carrot666 (1, 2) via Hamusoku
Images: Twitter/carrot666 (1, 2)