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The Three Mus-cat-teers are at it again!

We’ve seen a lot of cute bunnies and Shiba Inu making the Japanese news recently, but how about some good old-fashioned cats? What’ve they been up to?

Well, pretending to be humans and spying on things apparently! Japanese Twitter user @steak600g recently tweeted a picture of some cats doing just that caught in the act:

▼ “What are these guys doing?”

▼ “Dude look at the size of that litter box.”
“You see the meat on that bird?”

staring cats 01

▼ “Hey, what are you lookin’ at, human?”
“Er… we mean… meow?

staring cats 02

What could possibly get three cats to stand together so perfectly remains a mystery, but Japanese netizens were quick to offer theories, as well as gush over the cuteness:

“Those cats look like they’re up to no good.”
“Are they planning a… cat-burgling?”
“Maybe they were meerkats in a past life. Or penguins.”
“Who cares? They’re so cute!”

Just in case you wanted to feel like you were really there yourself, one Twitter user turned the two pictures into an animated gif, creating one of the most beautiful two-frame animations we’ve ever seen.

▼ “The backgrounds don’t line up perfectly, but I tried animating them.”

With the animated gif, the cats look like they’re part of a musical number. Maybe they’re Disney movie escapees? If so, keep them away from the crazy Korean YouTuber Showry… she has a tendency to eat Disney characters.

Source: Twitter/steak600g via Hamusoku
Images: Twitter/steak600g