Hear everything going on in your game or music purr-fectly.

When it comes to interesting, funny, and subculture products, Village Vanguard is one of our first stops. We love how practical many of their cutest and most humorous products are, such as this bra eye mask or this grilled meat backpack. I mean, why not add a little personality to things you use every day? Now it’s time to make gaming a bit more catty (sort of).

Village Vanguard Online started reservations for their new gaming earphones called “Gaming eNyaphones.” The earphone portion of the product is shaped like a cat’s head, and the attached microphone is in the shape of a cat’s paw. These adorable and useful gaming products come in pink and blue for 2,678 yen (US$24.82) and will start shipping out in September.

▼ The blue is both cool and bold…

▼ …while the pink gives us a more cute and stylish vibe.

The Gaming eNyaphones are compatible with devices such as PS4 controllers, PSVR, and the Nintendo Switch. If you’re going to use it with the Switch, however, you’ll need an additional mic cable to hook it up to your smartphone.

▼ Go on some raids. But first, take a selfie.

The sound from the Gaming eNyaphones promises to be both clear and powerful. It also comes with controls to adjust the earphones’ volume, mute the microphone, answer and hang up calls, and more. Whether you like music, gaming, or cats (or all three), this is something you’ll want to consider pre-ordering.

And if you want to bring your gaming experience to life even more, try adding this treasure chest-shaped tissue box to your desk space!

Source: Village Vanguard Online via Net Lab
Images: Village Vanguard Online
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