An ergonomic advancement for the modern gamer.

In the modern era, you can pretty much group gamers into one of two categories. The first is those who’ll admit to having played a video game while sitting on the toilet. The second group is the ones who’re lying.

But that begs a question: Since the gaming accessory industry has produced so many extra-comfy gaming chairs, why hasn’t it made a gaming toilet yet? Perhaps the reason is because no one has come up with a design, but that problem is now solved thanks to Japanese Twitter user and illustrator @peter6409, who recently shared his vision of what a gaming toilet would look like.

For starters, it’s got the sleek, angular lines and high-contrast color scheme that we’ve come to expect from specialized gaming PCs and peripherals, such as mice and keyboards. It’s also got ergonomic pads to provide cushiony support for hamstrings and buttocks, and if the material is rubbery enough, extra grip to keep your hindquarters held in place during especially intense combat and/or forceful pooping.

The gaming toilet’s tank is also outfitted with an array of hardware, most noticeably a Glacier White PS4 strapped to its front face. Hanging on a hook on the left side is a headphone/microphone set, and the charging cord coming out of the PlayStation and snaking its way over to the far side of the tank is ostensibly hooked up to a controller that’s hanging on another hook. Finally, the backside of the tank has a Wi-Fi router peeking out, allowing online on-commode action. Oh, and in keeping with “gaming” items’ love of useless but cool lighting effects, the bowl becomes illuminated when you lift the lid.

Online commenters were quick to show their appreciation of/desire for such a bathroom fixture, with a few also offering their own ideas for additional features.

“Every time you get hit in a game, does the toilet fire its bidet?”
“The top of the lid should be made of a soft material, so that it doesn’t scratch the PS4 when you put it up.”
“Could you have the seat pads act as shortcut buttons that you press with your butt? That seems like it’d be really convenient.”
“Does it support 7.1-channel sound for the button you press to play a sound effect that masks the sound of your pooping? [Yes, this is a real thing in Japan.]
“This would allow you to truly play kuso/shit games.”
“With this, all I’d need to do is take some food into the bathroom with me, and I could stay there all day.”

Really, the only thing missing is a monitor, although that’s a problem that’s easily solved by mounting one on the wall directly in front of the toilet. Actually, it looks like there might even be a flip-up panel between the user’s legs, which would allow them to set a screen there as well.

Unfortunately, though, right now @peter6409’s drawings are just that, and there’s no current plan to build a prototype or bring it to market. However, this is Japan, the country that’s responsible for more innovation in the fields of toilets and video games than any other nation, and now that @peter6409 has sketched a map to the future, maybe one day we’ll all be pooping/playing this way.

Source: Twitter/@peter6409 via IT Media
Featured image: Twitter/@peter6409
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