This pigeon got on the wrong train. What happens next is probably exactly would happen to any of us!

We’re not sure if there’s something in the water or if Tokyo pigeons are just too lazy to fly, but yet another pigeon has been filmed boarding a train like a salaryman headed to work in the morning. But this time, the pigeon does something even more human-like, eliciting empathetic nods of understanding from commenters (and us): Just after boarding, Mr. Hato realizes the train’s going the wrong way and attempts to get off—but not before the doors close!

▼ “Mr. Hatooooooo!”

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Anyone who has spent even a little time in the Tokyo area has probably had the same experience, even it wasn’t on the Musashino Line like Mr. Hato here. You’re in a rush, running to catch the train, and you hop safely through the doors, letting out a sigh. Suddenly, it hits you like a lightning bolt: You’re on the wrong train! “Crap! Get off! Get offfffff!” your brain screams, but just as you start to move, the doors close and you can do nothing but wait for the next stop. And hope you’re not on an express whose next stop is 10 minutes down the line!

Quite a few Japanese commenters could identify with this unfortunate pigeon. Though there were also quite a few who couldn’t help noticing that the bird didn’t appear to have a ticket…

“The same thing happened to me on the Yokosuka Line. Fortunately, I was able to get off at the next stop.”
“That reaction, ‘This is the wrong train! Craaaaap!’, was just like a persons. LOL”
“Ah! What a shame! It was trying to get out, but… So cute!”
“It’s the end of the year, so his wings must be on vacation.”
“In the past, steam trains went, ‘Po! Po!’ Recently, modern trains have started to do the same.” [“Po po” is what pigeons say in Japanese.]
“Hey! Did that pigeon pay the train fare?!”
“Oh, he’s stealing a ride! LOL”
“Just fly, pigeon!”

While we’d normally be against stealing train rides, we have to say we think JR should take this as a chance for some new commercials. If nothing else, they should replace their penguin mascot with a pigeon!

Sources: Hamusoku, Twitter/@yu_130G
Featured image: Twitter/@yu_130G