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Live out your fantasies of love-making in Japan’s bygone eras at this unusual love hotel in Osaka.

With pay-by the-hour systems and a focus on customer discretion, Japanese love hotels remain a private haven for couples who continue to live with their parents before, and in many cases during, marriage. While most of the country’s newer establishments can be identified by their gaudy, often castle-like, facades and over-the-top interiors, there’s one very special hotel in Osaka that retains all the classic retro charm from its opening year in 1963.

▼ Hotel Fuki in Osaka is one of the few love hotels in the area that’s remained unchanged for over 50 years.

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Rather than appearing run-down, the hotel remains clean and attractive, instantly transporting visitors back to the heyday of love hotels, at a time when Japan was just beginning to flourish after the post-war re-construction period and gearing up to welcome visitors to the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

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While the lobby area will take you back to the 60s with its original retro decor and furnishings, stepping into some of the rooms here will take you further back, to a time when courtesans and samurai made love in Japan’s pleasure quarters, or red-light districts.

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With traditional screens and tatami floors, all the rooms here have different themes which are worlds away from the electric beds and fluorescent lights you’ll find in more modern love hotels.

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All the retro charm of the hotel has been captured in a recent short video by Playboy, which shows photographer Rick Sanchez working with models sprawled out on hotel beds and inside its stylish bathrooms.

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Having lived in Osaka for 24 years, Sanchez is conscious of the fact that Hotel Fuki is one of only a few vintage love hotels left in the city. With the coming of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, there’s an increasing possibility that these older establishments will soon be lost to more modern conveniences, prompting Sanchez to showcase their beauty and charm to a wider audience before they disappear.

▼ To see retro babes in Hotel Fuki’s retro environment take a look at the short clip below.

Whether you’d like to vamp it up on the elevated Edo-style balcony or inside the bright red-tiled retro bathroom, there are options for short 75-minute stays or longer overnight accommodations. To see all the rooms available, visit Hotel Fuki’s website for more details.

Source: AOL News
Screenshots: YouTube/World of Playboy