This checklist will save you from forgetting some common items.

Hotel B Suites in Osaka has been attracting attention in Japan recently, with a series of quick, informative TikTok videos designed to help hotel guests during their stay. Their latest video introduces viewers to the top five items guests leave behind in their rooms, and it’s a list that we can all learn from, as it shows just how easy it can be to forget valuable belongings, especially when we’re in a rush to check out on time.

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The clip presents the most commonly forgotten items in order from second to fifth rankings and finishes with the item that tops the list. In order from least to most common, the items listed are as follows:

5. Fashion accessories (アクセッサリー [akusessarii])

4. Chargers (充電器 [juudenki])

3. Clothes (服 [fuku])

2. Makeup (化粧品 [keshouhin])

1. Food (食品 [shokuhin])

As the video shows, the items left behind range from the very small to the rather large, with things like makeup easily covered by towels in the bathroom and accessories overlooked on the ledge by the bed.

Chargers are so often used that they’re easily left behind as if they’re part of the furniture, and perishables in the fridge can be a case of out of sight out of mind. Perhaps one of the most surprising of the forgotten items is clothes, given that the ones not in your case are meant to be on your body when you leave the room. However, with hotels well-heated in winter it can be easy to leave coats on the rack or in the cupboard so it’s best to double check those areas before leaving.

While it might seem like a no-brainer to do a final sweep of the room for forgotten items on your way out, a checklist like this helps to eliminate the guesswork and give us concrete points, and places, to keep an extra close eye on. So next time you’re about to close the door of your hotel room for the final time, you might want to keep these points in mind. And if you want to leave a good impression on your hosts, here are five things that’ll make you a great guest!

Featured image: Pakutaso
Source: TikTok/b_suites.official via Net Lab

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