Cuddle up in a cozy room full of beloved Peanuts characters and the world’s most adorable beagle.

After recently celebrating Snoopy’s 50th year in Japan with a cool samurai-style art exhibit, fans of the Peanuts franchise will be glad to know that the famous beagle and his friends will be arriving in Kobe in the form of an exclusive themed hotel.

Set to open on 1 August in downtown Kobe, the Peanuts Hotel is every fan’s dream come true, featuring six stories overflowing with characters from the well-known comic strip.

▼ The establishment draws inspiration from this particular scene.

Situated on the first floor is the Peanuts Cafe, and similar to the one found in Tokyo’s Nakameguro, customers can order popular drinks like Peanut Butter Milkshake and Chocolate Chip Milkshake.

▼ Even though the cafe only allows takeouts, fans can take a gander
at the wide variety of original Peanuts Hotel memorabilia offered here.

A restaurant called the Peanuts Diner is on the third floor, serving unique character dishes using fresh, natural ingredients sourced from Kobe.

▼ And the great thing is you don’t have to be
actually staying at the hotel to peruse it.

The remaining floors containing the coveted rooms are built around different themes, and travelers hoping to immerse themselves in adventure will find it on the fourth floor’s “Imagine”, while the fifth floor’s “Happy” motif offers fun-filled activities like dancing and going on a trip.

“Love” can be found on the sixth floor, a warm theme focusing on friendship and significant people in life. Did we also mention that each of the 18 rooms is uniquely designed?

Each night’s stay at the Peanuts Hotel will set you back 30,000 yen (US$274), a hefty price tag if not for the fact that the package also includes a hearty breakfast at the Peanuts Diner, as well as a cozy, memorable night with the entire charming cast of characters.

▼ If you’re a fan, it’s a must-see experience.

Online hotel reservations for the general public begin on 9 July, while members of the exclusive Peanuts Friend Club get a head start on securing rooms as soon as 30 May. The Peanuts Diner also requires online booking, but only for the month of August.

With the Snoopy Museum in Tokyo and the Peanuts Hotel in Kobe, Japan is a veritable treasure trove for fans of the adorable beagle and his friends.

Source: Peanuts Hotel via PR Times
Images: PR Times

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