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Want to see what you can get in one of McDonald’s lucky bags this year? So do we!

It’s our favorite time of year — when stores all across Japan create mystery lucky bags at great price points in order to nab all of our New Year’s money! Even fast food joints like McDonald’s put together these mystery bags in order to join in on the madness.

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This year we grabbed two of the McDonald’s offerings, a 3,000 yen (US $24.85) merchandise-only bag and a 2,500 yen ($20.70) “anything goes” bag. While it is likely that the lucky bags from McDonald’s mostly contain the same items, due to the nature of the mystery bags, we can’t say for certain that you will get the same stuff. With that that out of the way, on to the bags!

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First up, let’s take a look at the merchandise-only bag.

You wouldn’t think that people want McDonald’s branded merchandise, but that definitely isn’t the case in Japan. Consumers are happy to display their brand loyalty and a lot of stores take advantage of that. In this lucky bag, you will find:

  • a reusable Big Mac shopping bag that holds the rest of the contents
  • a Big Mac stuffed toy
  • a McDonald’s fleece knee blanket
  • a face towel
  • a puzzle
  • a picture for coloring

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These five pieces of McDonald’s merchandise will really appeal to the true McDonald’s fan, but for most of us, the lack of any free food will probably keep us away.

So let’s check out the 2,500 yen bag!

This bag also contains five items, and comes in another reusable shopping bag, this time featuring McDonald’s famous French fries. In this lucky bag, you will find:

  • a Big Mac stuffed toy (the same as you will find in the other bag)
  • a McDonald’s tumbler
  • a set of McDonald’s paper bookmarks
  • a coupon for one free hamburger
  • a coupon for one free small order of French fries

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Well, that is a little disappointing. We aren’t sure that a free hamburger and fries make this lucky bag worth it, but we guess it all depends on how valuable you believe a Big Mac stuffed toy and McDonald’s tumbler are.

That is half the fun of these mystery lucky bags though! While gambling in Japan might be illegal, you can still roll the dice a little bit when you pick up one of these bags. Stay tuned to RocketNews24 for more lucky bag reveals from Japan!

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