Free coupons and exclusive merchandise all wrapped up in a cute reusable brown paper takeout bag.

It’s that time of year again when we get to spend our hard-earned yen on fukubukuro lucky bags, and some of Japan’s most well-known companies are getting in early, already releasing their special grab bags before the end of the year.

McDonald’s Japan is one of those companies, and with their hugely popular bags selling out every year, we headed down to our nearest branch of the fast food chain to get our hands on one as soon as they were released on 20 December.

Running back to the office victorious, we opened our bag to take a look at its contents:

・Craft-like Clutch Bag
・2019 Desktop Calendar
・Stackable Mug
・Original Card Set
・French Fries Magnet
・3000-yen worth of McDonald’s vouchers


Given that everything here was purchased for a grand total of 3,000 yen (US$27.02), this lucky bag was a bargain. We’d made our money back immediately on the vouchers, which can be redeemed by 31 March 2019.

The booklet contains vouchers for: 11 small French Fries, three Shaka Fried Chicken, three McNuggets and three hot apple pies. That’s 20 vouchers totalling 3,000 yen worth of savings.

That meant everything else here was a free bonus, and making it even more special was the fact that these items aren’t usually available to purchase in stores. The bag itself was one of the best items in the set, with its foil lining and velcro closure making it perfect for carrying hot or cold items.

The French fries magnet was cute too, looking just as appetising as the real thing, and practical with its handy clip design.

The desktop calendar is a great marketing ploy by the Golden Arches. With all those tasty fast food images in our faces on a daily basis, we’ll be in and out of McDonald’s all year long.

The stackable mug is another cute item that can be used at home or outdoors at picnics.

And completing the set is the playing cards, which are sure to add a dash of fast food charm to your favourite card game with family or friends.

The McDonald’s fukubukuro lucky bags will only be available until stocks last, so if you do see one on your travels around Japan, be sure to pick it up while you can! And if you’d like to see how this one stacks up to previous versions, you can take a look at their 2017 and 2018 bags here and here.

Photos © SoraNews24 
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