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Who said sake cups have to be boring?

Bandai’s latest collaboration combines two giants of the anime industry with over 400 years of Japanese history and tradition. The Gundam Guinomi (lit.”one gulp”) sake cups, feature two main characters from the legendary Mobile Suit Gundam anime series, created using traditional casting techniques from Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture.

▼ The sake cups are made from 100 percent tin and are currently available from Premium Bandai for 8,424 yen (US$71.70) each.

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Takaoka’s cast metal industry dates back to the early Edo period (1603–1868), when the second head of the Kaga Domain, Maeda Toshinaga, invited seven casters to the area in 1611, in order to stimulate commerce around the castle region. The ancient technique is now recognised as a Traditional Craft of Japan.



All those centuries of tradition have now melded with the anime world, combining metal and mecha to bring us two unique vessels from Gundam, one of Japan’s most popular science fiction franchises.



To ensure the iconic characters were faithfully reproduced to the highest standard, the original designer of the Mobile Suit, Kunio Okawara, was called in to oversee production.

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▼ The result is two of the most beautifully detailed and unusual sake cups we’ve ever seen!

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▼ MS-06S Commander Type Zaku II, Char’s personal Zaku, is ready to go head-to-head with Gundam.

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▼ Now you can pilot your very own mecha sake cup towards your quivering lips!

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The fighting duo will also be on sale at the Gundam Cafe in Tokyo and Gundam Square in Osaka from 23 January.

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Source and Images: Premium Bandai