There’s actually a reason this Pokémon Sun and Moon Exeggutor is so huge.

Almost exactly a year ago, Pokémon fans started accepting deliveries of their Snorlax beds. Sold through online anime merchandiser Premium Bandai, the beds immediately started clogging walkways in people’s homes, because keeping people from easily walking from Point A to Point B is pretty much what Snorlax was designed to do.

Now there’s a new piece of huge Pokémon merch for huge Pokémon fans, but this time it’s the height, not the girth, that makes it so massive.

Premium Bandai has just begun taking orders for a 109-centimeter (42.9-inch) figure of Grass-type Pocket Monster Exeggutor. Specifically, the figure is of Exeggutor in its tropical Alola form, as seen in the latest installments of the Pokémon video game and anime series, Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Some may be asking if the figure really needs to be so huge, and the answer is yes, it kind of does. The in-game/anime Exeggutor is 10.9 meters tall, and so in order for it to be a precise 1:10 scale, Premium Bandai’s figure is 109 centimeters in height.

It’s actually so big that it’s debatable whether or not you can even really call it a figure. In terms of size, it’s closer to a full-fledged interior decoration. Hardly the sort of thing to plop on the corner of your desk along with your other anime trinkets, Exeggutor commands attention, and even Premium Bandai itself recommends using it like you would a potted plant.

▼ The figure’s weight is unspecified, but Premium Bandai recommends not leaning your entire body weight up against it.

Such a big figure, as you might expect, comes with a pretty big price tag. The gigantic Exeggutor sells for 29,800 yen (US$270) here on the Premium Bandai website, with shipping scheduled for January. While that’s a big chunk of cash to plunk down, if Premium Bandai’s 1:10 ratio holds true for the figure’s size as well as its price, it’s a nearly 270,000-yen savings compared to what a living, breathing Exeggutor would cost.

Source, images: Premium Bandai

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