Dom Dom goes devilish with Kamen Rider crossover.

It’s tough to describe Dom Dom Burger. It’s both Japan’s oldest and most often overlooked hamburger chain, and yet it consistently creates shocking new sandwiches that demand attention, both in terms of impactful visuals and luxurious ingredients.

Just last month, we visited Dom Dom Burger to eat their then-new Konya wa Maitake Burger, an experience that felt like eating a whole forest’s worth of maitake mushrooms. Now, Dom Dom is switching themes from sylvan to evil…tokusatsu evil to be precise.

Thay ominous edible entity is called the Squid Devil Burger, or “Ika Devil Burger” if you’re ordering in Japanese (yes, it’s so evil that even in Japanese, they use the word “devil”). Sandwiched between those sinister black buns is a massive mouthful of deep-fried squid, both tentacles and rings, it appears, and just a bit of crisp shredded cabbage. You can also make out some of the glistening soy sauce mayo hybrid condiment in the photo, but not pictured is the Super Spicy Squid Devil Sauce that Dom Dom serves on the side, cautioning that because of how fiery it is, they recommend adding it bit by bit to make sure your tongue and stomach can handle the heat.

Making this particular Dom Dom creation especially shocking is that it’s a joint effort between the chain and Shocker, the diabolical secret organization seen in the Kamen Rider tokusatsu series. That’s Shocker’s avian emblem in the above image, and Dom Dom Burger’s mascot character, Domzo-kun, is dressing up as a Shocker Combatman, as the organization’s grunts are called, for a new plushie and rubber mascot figure.

Even setting aside the Kamen Rider connection, the burger does look devilishly delicious, and since the buns are colored with edible bamboo charcoal, they won’t leave their mark of evil on your post-meal poo.

The Squid Devil Burger goes on sale January 19, priced at 790 yen (US$5.45), with the plushie and mascot 1,790 and 990 yen, respectively (and already available through the Dom Dom Burger online merch shop here).

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Source: PR Times via Entabe

Images: PR Times
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