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No matter how terrible of a day you’re having, there’s a good chance that this fellow’s having a worse one.

The following video clip, supposedly from Russia, depicts a man crossing the road from the point of view of a car’s dashboard camera. We’re no experts on the subject, but his nice little stagger as he starts across the street suggests he may have been enjoying a few adult beverages before making his way across the icy patches…

The really hilarious part comes at the end, right when he appears to have made it safely across with no problems, only to take a spectacular dive face-first into a snowbank on the edge of the road.

He must be either really drunk or really jaded with life to want to keep lying there with no sign of getting up!

Maybe someone can introduce him to the infamous slipping man from last winter? The pair would make an effective comedy duo in the snow, to say the least!

Source: Zaeega
Featured image: YouTube/top news