Everyone thinks of big bellies when they envision sumo wrestlers, but it turns out the pros have gigantic hands too.

Sumo wrestler Shinobu Wakanosato is a pretty big guy, even by the standards of his plus-sized profession. To get a grasp of how big, you could look at his weight of 163 kilograms (359 pounds), which is some 15 pounds heavier than average for the sport’s athletes.


Or you could look at his massive, massive hands.



Wakanosato has an Instagram account, and like a lot of people, he likes to share snapshots of his meals and snacks with his social media followers. But the 39-year-old sumo wrestler’s fingers and palms are so big that his photos regularly look like they’re not of real food, but of miniature recreations of the kind you can buy from toy vending machines in Japan.

▼ Here he is making an entire bowl of udon look like a one-gulp shot.



Set down next to his oversized digits, an orange looks only slightly larger than a cherry tomato…


…and a whole pizza looks more like an English muffin.


▼ There’s actually enough meat there to make a hamburger with.



And of course, being a sumo wrestler, Wakanosato doesn’t have to be so concerned about keeping a svelte figure that he can’t treat himself to some dessert now and again.

▼ Although said desserts might might seem thimble-sized.



Even non-foodstuffs can look laughable small sitting on the palm of his hand.


But while those big hands no doubt come in handy when grabbing or smacking opponents in the ring, we can’t help but wonder if they also make Wakanosato’s daily life a little inconvenient. For instance, it’s got to be tough to get a proper grip on regular-sized restaurant cutlery.


Also, it seems that perhaps having such large fingers makes it difficult to operate a touchscreen, given that he apparently hasn’t upgraded to a modern smartphone yet.


Don’t worry, though, Wakanosato. We hear that some women take it as a good sign if a guy still has a flip phone.

Source: Instagram/wakanosato_shinobu, Instagram/wakanosato_shinobu