Now humans can feel what it’s like to walk in doll shoes.

Rozen Maiden, a 2002 manga series written and illustrated by a duo called Peach-Pit, follows the story of a group of living dolls on the quest to become the perfect girl. The series has since been developed into a number of art books, novels, anime and video games, and now they’re branching out into the fashion world, teaming up with Super Groupies, a brand that loves bringing anime fashion to life, to create shoes and bags in honour of two of the cast’s main characters, Shinku and Suigintou.


The Shinku model pumps (17,800 yen/US$150.22) look just like the shoes worn by the main protagonist of the series, featuring lots of cute details, including the red rose and black bow detail which also appears on her scarf and bonnet. The unique mirrored heel is reminiscent of the mirror in the storeroom that Shinku uses to access the N-Field, where “Alice game” fights between dolls take place as part of their competition to become the perfect girl called “Alice”.
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In keeping with the black-winged doll’s dark countenance and gothic lolita-style outfit, the Suigintou model pumps (17,800 yen) come in dark navy and feature a cross design, lace-up ties and mirrored heel.11


The Shinku handbag has been designed to match her outfit, keeping to her signature black and dark crimson combination and featuring a gathered section, black bow and her moniker, Reiner Rubin, embossed on the front.    17


▼ Zipper pulls come in the shape of a rose and the doll’s wind-up key.


▼ When carrying the handbag, you might be tempted to channel Shinku’s character by requesting cups of tea from your “human servant” and demanding people kiss your rose ring.


The Suigintou bag features a lace-up section on the sides and black lace detail on the front. The bag is also embossed with an inverted cross and the words “Mercury Lampe”, which is a translation of the name “Suigintou”.


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▼ You don’t have to dress up in full gothic lolita attire when using the bag. And instead of black wings, you can always use a cardigan.


While pre-sales for the shoes have sadly ended, interested customers can leave their email details to be notified of further sale dates. The bags, both retailing for 8,800 yen each, are currently available via pre-order with delivery scheduled for April this year.


Source, Images: Super Groupies