This cat isn’t too cool for a little sub-zero fun.

Even after more than a decade living here, I still get a little excited when it snows in Japan. Growing up in L.A., where even rain is rare, I never had the chance to see snow actually falling, and since the Tokyo area only gets two or three days of snow a year, it still has a lot of novelty for me.

But still, my enthusiasm isn’t anywhere near that of Japanese Twitter user @CharToshi’s pet cat. With a cold snap hitting the country last weekend, icy flakes were flittering down from the sky, and the kitty reacted to seeing the beautiful atmospheric phenomenon of snow for the first time with all the wonder you’d expect.

Being a cat, though, it didn’t try to build a snowman or make a snow angel.

Nope, instead the animal set about trying to catch the falling clumps of snow.

Of course, grabbing snowflakes in your hand is easier said than done. But even if @CharToshi’s pet didn’t snag any snowy souvenirs, it’s good to know that as aloof as some cats can seem, their hearts aren’t all made of ice.

Source: Togech, Twitter/@CharToshi