Salty potato fries covered in two types of chocolate sauce? We’re lovin’ it!

Ever since we first heard the announcement that McDonald’s Japan would be adding chocolate sauce to their sinfully salty, delicious fries, we’d been trying hard to imagine what the sweet-savoury carbohydrate combination could possibly taste like. Would it be a big hot mess of sickly sweet potato pieces? Or would it be a perfectly balanced indulgence that we would happily go back for again and again? We stopped by our local outlet as soon as they were released today to find out.


After looking forward to the new addition to their menu for almost a week, when we arrived at the fast food restaurant we were expecting huge banners and displays celebrating the release of the McChocolate Potatoes. Surprisingly, there was only one wall poster. We had to look hard on the menu to find them too; they were tucked away in a small spot at the top, under number 2.


The “Makku Choco Poteto”, as it’s called in Japanese, comes in two parts, with the sauce and fries (aka “McFry Potato”) served separately. It also comes with a fork, to avoid getting sauce all over your fingers.



▼ The fries come in a box that’s been specially designed for the limited-edition promotion.


The “double choco sauce” pack contains both white and plain chocolate. To use, simply squeeze the sides back with one hand, which will press the bags of chocolate together, creating a beautiful simultaneous flow of both sauces.



▼ Time to dress up those plain-looking chips!


The pretty swirls of white and plain chocolate made these look absolutely delicious!



On top of the fries, the white chocolate looked similar to mayonnaise. The heat of the chips, however, brought out the chocolate fragrance so there was no mistaking that we were about to tuck into a sweet serving of potatoes.


▼ We made an attempt with the plastic fork, but decided to enjoy them with our fingers instead.


We weren’t sure what to expect, but as soon as we tried them, we were hooked. The fluffy texture of the potato under its crispy skin went well with the soft, smooth sauce, giving a great balance to every mouthful. While we couldn’t make any distinction between the white and plain chocolate, the sauce tasted similar to the icing used on doughnuts.


If you close your eyes while eating them, the warm potato and chocolate sauce combination tastes a little like eating a freshly made doughnut. The closest thing we could liken it to would be baked dough and chocolate, only with a lightly salted potato thrown into the mix instead.


Without a doubt, the sauce was the prominent flavour, but with the savoury note, it didn’t taste like a dessert. Whatever the case, we couldn’t stop putting fistfuls into our mouths, so it was definitely a winning combination!

If you’d like to try the chocolate fries, they’re currently available at McDonald’s outlets all around Japan until mid-February, costing 330 yen (US$2.75). The McChocolate Potatoes can also be ordered instead of regular fries as part of a value meal for an extra 60 yen. They’re sweet, salty, delicious, and available only for a limited time so be sure to try them while you can!


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