Say goodbye to butter and jam because now it’s time to enjoy matcha toast and sandwiches!

While Japan is known for its traditional Japanese breakfast, consisting of rice, miso soup, fish and a number of additional extras, hectic lifestyles and busy working weeks mean many people make do with just a slice or two of thick toast in the mornings. And when you don’t have time to get out a knife and spread your topping on your bread, you can use a handy dispenser pack to pour on some flavour before finishing your breakfast and rushing out the door.

▼ Japanese company Verde has a wide variety of dispenser packs, featuring dual flavours like strawberry and butter, blueberry and butter, oligo honey (which contains organic fructo-oligosaccharide) and butter, chocolate and peanut, black and white (plain and white chocolate), and maple syrup and butter (not pictured).


The company has just announced the next flavour duo to appear in the range: intense matcha and milk-flavoured cream. The cream is actually a milky white chocolate, which, when combined with the strong matcha flavour, creates a creamy, bittersweet taste. Available in a four-pack, these will go on sale around the country from 19 February for 162 yen (US$1.38).



Each dispenser pack features a special opening designed to create an attractive ribbon effect when poured, and the quality product uses powdered green tea sourced from Uji, Kyoto’s famous tea-growing region. While their range is designed to be used on bread, the sauce can also be used to add a hit of matcha flavour to desserts and snacks as well. Of course, you can be as adventurous as you like; if you think your tastebuds can handle matcha ramen or matcha pasta, this is the easiest way to try it out!

Source, Images: Aohata

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