Drinking is a time for cute company in Japan.

Japanese gacha capsule toy vending machines come filled with such a large number of cute and unusual toys and accessories it can often be hard to decide which ones to put your hard-earned coins into. This summer, capsule toy producer Kitan Club is making the decision easy with a collection of tiny hedgehogs designed to sit in playful positions around the rim of your drinking glass. Let’s just hope they don’t fall in!


There are seven different hedgehog characters to collect, including two of the popular “Salt and Pepper” variety, which are known for their brown-and-white speckled spikes.



▼ Joining them are two pretty albino hedgehogs, with white quills and bright red eyes.



▼ Then there’s the adorable cinnicot variety, so-called because of their cinnamon-and-apricot colouring.



And rounding off the series are two inquisitive cinnamon hedgehogs, with one eagerly making its way down for a delicious sip, and the other making its way out of the pool.



While the adorable four-legged characters are designed to be used with glass drinkware, they can also be used to bring a dash of cute to laptops and computer screens. On sale from 10 June at capsule toy vending machines around the country, the hedgehogs retail for 300 yen (about US$2.78) each.

Source, Images: Kitan Club