What’s brown, lumpy, and can now be purchased via capsule toy machines in Japan? If you guessed “a turd,” then you have a gross mind, but are also entirely correct!

For a reason unbeknownst to the rest of us, our Japanese reporter Mr. Sato recently made it his mission to document the strangest toys he’s been able to find in Japan’s capsule toy machines, or gashapon. Generally, capsule machines produce some pretty decent toys for their cheap price, but every once in a while you may come across some very peculiar items, like Mr. Sato’s latest find: The Turd.

▼ It is plastic, right…?


There is no doubt about it: this lump of brown plastic is a model poop. In fact, the capsule machine dispensing them doesn’t even bother playing it up. Instead, it displays a simple photo of the toy and the word unko (“Poop”) in nice, big, brown font.

▼ Buy your poop here for a measly 100 yen!


You may be asking, “Why would anyone spend 100 yen (US$0.93) on a plastic turd?” But I think the real question should be, “Why wouldn’t someone spend 100 yen on a plastic turd?” Really, as immature and head-shakingly-bad poop jokes can be, they hardly get old and they make people of all ages laugh, even if it’s just a stifled giggle as they try to hold it in so their co-workers don’t think they’re so immature as to laugh at poop jokes.

▼ Just look at that detail!


The toy itself is pretty realistic looking, with its uneven contour, flecks of poopy fibers and size. It’s not quite the typical human-sized poo, but no matter how you look at it, it looks like poo.

▼ It would be the perfect supplement to a “pooping dog” statue, if, like Mr Sato, you also have one of those for some strange reason…


These toys have the potential to lead to some hilarious moments, or at the very least, awkward interesting conversation, so keep your eyes open at your local capsule toy machine line for a poop toy capsule machine.

A word of caution, however: If you a find a similar turd out in the open, and you didn’t see it come out of the capsule firsthand, we cannot guarantee the effect will be quite so hilarious.

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