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After an initial announcement in 2013, and then a scrapped alpha test, the Record of Lodoss War massively multiplayer online role-playing game, set in the world of the hit anime, has a 2016 release date.

You probably won’t find a more classic fantasy anime than Record of Lodoss War. The original OVA anime series was released in 1990 and featured characters that were instantly familiar as they all followed traditional fantasy tropes. What made Lodoss War special, though, was the beautiful artwork and a cast of characters that had real heart. Unfolding like your own personal Dungeons and Dragons campaign, you really were pulling for the heroes to come through triumphantly.

While there have been plenty of Record of Lodoss War games, the last was released back in 2000, so fans were understandably ecstatic in 2013 when a new massively multiplayer online game was announced. Two years and an aborted alpha test later, though, hopeful gamers were left with no new information…until recently that is.

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A recent interview in Famitsu magazine with producer Shinji Goda and brand manager Hitoshi Kato revealed plans to launch the game in early 2016. Developed by L&K Logic Korea and published by GameOn, this 3/4 perspective online RPG hopes to appeal to fans of the original series that are now in their 30s and 40s as well as lure in a new audience.

The story will be based on the “Gray Witch” arc and content updates will progress the story further into the Lodoss War’s plot. Players will be able to choose from familiar classes and races like Esquires (knights), Oracles (priests), and Magic Users that appear throughout the series.

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You won’t be able to play as the main characters from the series, but rest assured that they will make an appearance in the game.

▼ Parn is a great fighter who specializes in use of a bastard sword. He idolizes his father and begins his adventures after an incident with goblins.

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▼ Deedlit is a high-elf and the last one born in 1,000 years. She’s on a quest to find a way to save her people and joins forces with Parn to accomplish her goal.

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▼ Etoh is a priest of Falis and Parn’s best friend. Slayn is Parn’s old friend as well as a wise and powerful magician.

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▼ Ghim is a supreme ax wielder and on a mission to rescue a young girl who is like a daughter to him. Woodchuck is a thief and the last member to join this party.

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Expect more news and information soon, as early 2016 is approaching quickly. Goda and Kato hope that fans are ready to jump back into the world of Record of Lodoss War, and the way the game is shaping up right now, we think many people are.

Source: Kai-You
Images: Record of Lodoss War Online Site