Who’s hungry for Roast Basilisk, Stone-Baked Cockatrice, and Exorcism Sorbet?

Anime-themed restaurants and food items are always fun for fans, but Japan’s latest crossover anime edibles into the real world promises to be especially exciting. That’s because it involves Delicious in Dungeon, the hit manga series where the food itself gets as much attention as the characters or story.

Delicious in Dungeon (called Dungeon Meshi in its Japanese-language release) follows a band of adventurers delving into a labyrinth so large that they’ll have to stop to eat several times before they finish their quest. In fact, they’ll need more ingredients than they can carry, and so the party doesn’t just fight the fantasy monsters they encounter, they use them as ingredients for dishes like Huge Scorpion and Walking Mushroom Hotpot.

▼ Huge Scorpion and Walking Mushroom Hotpot

So for the Delicious in Dungeon food event, which is taking place in Tokyo next month, you can dine on Huge Scorpion and Walking Mushroom Hotpot too!

OK, so the fine print says that those are really jumbo shrimp and shiitake mushrooms. It definitely looks like the manga artwork from Delicious in Dungeon creator Ryoko Kui though, as does the real-world Roast Basilisk, for which no alternative identity has been revealed.

Over 30 different dishes from Delicious in Dungeon are getting real-world versions. Much like the manga’s heroes, though, you’re going to have to do a little dungeon crawling yourself if you want to try them all. Tokyo’s Shibuya Station is often referred to as “Shibuya Dungeon” because of the massive network of twisting tunnels that make up the subterranean sections of the facility, and so the Shibuya Dungeon Meshi event is a collaboration between Delicious in Dungeon and four Shibuya shopping/entertainment complexes: Shibuya Scramble Square, Shibuya Hikarie, Shibuya Stream, and Tokyu Plaza Shibuya. Participating restaurants in the four buildings will each be offering one or more special Delicious in Dungeon dishes, such as the Treasure Insect Nest Jam at Hikarie’s Kajitsuen Liber fruit dessert cafe.

Some of the other delicacies at Hikarie include Hamburg Steak with Changeling Sauce (from restaurant Sizzle Gazzle) and Stone-Baked Cockatrice and Egg Ankake (from Okonomiyaki Kashiwa).

Shibuya Scramble Square’s Tsuru Tontan is the place to go for the Huge Scorpion and Walking Mushroom Hotpot, and elsewhere in the building you can encounter Mandrake Kakiage and Giant Bat Tempura (Tentora).

The Roast Basilisk we saw earlier is from Moshimo Shokudo inside Tokyu Plaza Shibuya, the same restaurant where you can order an Exorcism Sorbet for dessert.

And at Shibuya Stream, you can eat Head-Chopping Rabbit Curry (The Room Coffee & Bar), Boiled Hippogriff Potstickers (Daidai), and Phoenix Confit (Meat Kaiser).

More than two dozen restaurants are taking part in the event, and when you order one of the Delicious in Dungeon items, you’ll also receive an illustrated recipe card for it, with a portion of a new drawing by Kui on the back.

Each of the four buildings has a different backside illustration, and when assembled they form a group shot of the manga’s core cast posing in front of Shibuya’s famous Hachiko dog statue.

The Shibuya Dungeon Meshi event runs from March 1 to 21.

Source: PR Times via Otakomu, Shibuya Stream
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: PR Times, Shibuya Stream
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