Anime’s hottest new hero has no hair, but that’s no problem for this dedicated fan who cosplays as One-Punch Woman.

Superhero anime One-Punch Man struck a serious chord with overseas fans, thanks to its mix of jaw-dropping visuals and offbeat humor. With the TV series having aired its last episode in December, you’re sure to see more than one person dressed up as Saitama, its protagonist, at an anime convention this year.

The gravity-defying and wildly colored hairstyles of anime icons can be a sticking point for the prospective cosplayer, but Saitama presents the opposite problem. He’s literally bald as a cue ball, with less hair than even well-known animated scalp-showers Charlie Brown and Homer Simpson.

▼ Saitama

But that fact wasn’t going to scare off cosplayer Anna Lynn, nor was the fact that Saitama is a man and she’s a woman.

Specifically, Lynn is a woman with a full head of hair. But as a dedicated costuming enthusiast, that bit of inaccuracy wasn’t going to fly for her Saitama cosplay, which required a change to from this…

…to this.

Lynn isn’t quite so hardcore as to shave her head for this project, though. Such a move would make it hard to cosplay as anyone else, after all. Instead, she covered her cranium with a bald cap, then applied makeup to smooth out the transition to the tone of her natural nose and cheeks.

▼ One of two ways to look like Saitama without cutting your hair.

But while she went for maximum accuracy in recreating Saitama’s head, Lynn decided to make a few alterations in adapting One-Punch Man’s costume into something for her One-Punch Woman to wear. For starters, she brought the neckline down farther from the collarbone and left the zipper open.

And whereas the original outfit is a standard jumpsuit, Lynn’s shows quite a bit more leg and backside.

One-Punch Woman also ditches Saitama’s flat footwear for heels, and it’s here that Lynn’s shoes do a bit of cosplaying of their own, as her “boots” are actually a pair of pumps with long covers placed over them.

That wasn’t the only part of the costume that required some hand-crafting, either, as Lynn also made the bodysuit, gloves, belt, and cape.

Lynn originally put this outfit together for the recent winter iteration of Sacramento’s Sac-Anime, which was held from January 1 to 3. She’s also posted messages alluding to a planned trip to Anime Expo in Los Angeles this summer, although it’s not clear if she’ll be reprising her role as One-Punch Woman or wearing one of the many other impressive costumes that can be seen on her Facebook page.

Source: Facebook/Anna Lynn Cosplay