Take an inside peek into the production process of Pocky, the beloved Japanese snack which has found its way into supermarkets around the world.

Pocky, one of Japan’s most enduringly popular snacks, is manufactured by Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. and has even made headway overseas. People of all ages enjoy munching on the chocolate-covered biscuit sticks and trying out the limited edition flavors which periodically grace the shelves of local convenience stores. November 11 has even unofficially been declared Pocky Day, a certain testament to the snack’s overwhelming popularity!

However, unless they’ve worked in a food manufacturing factory before, few snack lovers can claim to have any insight into the Pocky production process. But now you can get an insider’s look yourself! The following 2½-minute clip of Pocky being made at Glico’s Osaka factory headquarters was released on Glico Japan’s official YouTube channel last September and has recently been gaining steam across the web.

Check out the video below, or scroll down for a few screenshots of the different production phases: 

▼ The Glico factory, where all the magic happens


▼ Forming strands that will later be the individual sticks…


▼ They’re just so…beautiful!


▼ Packages of Pocky zipping through the factory.


▼ The machines that make your mouth happy.


▼ Boxes of Pocky ready to be wrapped and shipped!


▼ “Look out for deliciousness!”


▼ Who’s ready to perform an Ocean’s 11-style break in?


Next time you rip open a box of your favorite Glico snack, be sure to think of all of the steps those sticks went through to fill your mouth with joy.

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Source/Images: YouTube/Glico Japan