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This Singaporean ad shows that there’s nothing more unbearable than rubbing down beautiful ladies all day.

No matter what you do for work, there’s always going to be some days where you just don’t want to do it anymore. Whether it’s dog food testing or getting paid to just play video games, every job is going to have its downer times where you wish you were doing anything else.

Unless your job is massaging hot supermodels, right? That could never get old.


Well, before you jump to any conclusions, you might want to watch this 2015 Singaporean video (which is basically an updated version of a 2012 video) where one man talks about his job doing just that:

▼ “What do you do for work again? …oh yeah, that sounds just terrible.

massage job 01

▼ To his credit, the man does have a convincing list of reasons why massaging gorgeous women is a little stressful.

massage job 02

▼ Long hours, work on weekends and holidays….

massage job 03

▼ Lack of respect….

massage job 04

▼ And never a free moment!

massage job 06

▼ Even the boss can’t take a minute to show some appreciation.

massage job 09

▼ Some days it just gets to you, and you dream of moving on to another world, one that’s not filled with sexy models.

massage job top

▼ Even the most ideal-sounding jobs can have their downsides…

massage job 07

▼ …and that’s why you should use Jobiness! W-w-what?


Surprise! It was just a satirical ad the whole time. It’s kind of obvious, but that guy’s sincerity really had us going for a minute. But if you’re wondering how his job search turned out, it turns out there are more commercials documenting the poor guys search for just the right position.

▼ But whether at an office….

▼ ….or a sporting goods store…

He just can’t find the perfect job. But even so, we won’t blame you if you do decide to head on over to Jobiness to see if there’s a certain masseuse opening available. Still, you wouldn’t really be interested after hearing everything that guy had to say, would you?

Really? You would? Wow, that’s just unbelievable!

Source/images: YouTube/Jobiness