New Choco Mint Pocky comes covered in pastel green mint chocolate

Mint chocolate now looks as cool as it tastes. 

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McDonald’s Japan combines beloved beverages of adults and kids with new coffee milkshakes

Maker of Japan’s eternally popular Pocky chocolate snack sticks lends a hand.

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Amazing ad from Japan stars 72 actresses each showing one year of a woman’s life in one second

Maker of Pocky reminds us that life moves fast, but it’s the slow moments that make it beautiful.

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New matcha Pocky from Japan is a heavenly treat for green tea lovers

This limited-edition flavour tastes just like the matcha you would get at a formal Japanese tea ceremony!

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Japanese confectionery giant Glico adds three new flavours to their regional Pocky range

Now there’s a delicious vegetable and two more fruit flavours to add to our Pocky collection.

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New Champagne Pocky available in Japan

The alcoholic sweet is one of three new releases containing real champagne.

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Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Pocky is made in this short clip of the Glico factory 【Video】

Take an inside peek into the production process of Pocky, the beloved Japanese snack which has found its way into supermarkets around the world.

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Pocky to introduce new box designs for special occasions, including “Sukky” for Valentine’s Day

Pocky packets receive a revamp with some…unusual…word amalgamations.

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Taste the world this summer with Pretz versions of international food favorites

Kids in Japan only have about one more week left of school until summer vacation starts, while working adults are counting down the days until Obon vacation. It’s also the season where many Japanese snack makers start putting out limited summer edition flavors of your favorite snacks.

In fact, just today Glico launched a limited edition summer line of their popular Pretz series in Japan, so for those with no time or no money to travel abroad this summer vacation, you still have a chance to experience some exotic and not-so-exotic food flavors from across the ocean in the comfort of your very own home.

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Japanese constipation survey reveals the most and least poop-frustrated prefectures

There are certain topics that although you may be interested in, one just doesn’t bring up in polite company, the least of which being the regularity of a country’s bowel movements. But luckily our poop-curious friends over at Glico (as in the major Japanese snack company) recently completed a survey about constipation that gives us a very personal look at the health of Japan’s number two habits. The aptly named “Lifestyle and Constipation” survey has revealed which Japanese prefectures are keeping things downstairs regular and which ones are all clogged up.

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Travel back in time to see the neon nightscape and Glico sign of 1937 Osaka

Osaka’s famous Glico “running man” sign, which has been a landmark for almost 80 years, is facing yet another upgrade—this time from neon lights to LED. This will be the sixth generation of the sign, and aside from the change in lighting technology, which Ezaki Glico Co. says is due to the increasing difficulty in finding neon tubes, will still feature an image of a runner crossing a finish line.

It turns out, though, while the first sign wasn’t as colorful as it is today, it still had plenty of character. In this early 1937 film stored at the Kobe City Museum, the “running man” can be seen in vivid red and white, although deterioration of the film over time has rendered the white to appear more green.

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Glico gets some cute new mascot characters, but no one can figure out why

For decades snack company Ezaki Glico has supplied Japan with delicious munchies such as Pocky, Pretz, and Papico, not to mention a slew of other snacks that don’t happen to begin with the letter P! Until now, the company name was enough to grab people’s attention and promote the purchase of their tasty products. If pressed to choose an icon with which to represent the well-known brand, many might choose the 300-meter running man, as seen along the Dotonbori Canal in Osaka. However, not even he could be considered a true mascot.

Now, breaking tradition, Glico has just released official images of their all-new official mascot characters, Lico and Guri. These anime-style characters are the embodiment of cute and cool, but are pulling some conflicted reactions from Japanese Internet users. Take a look at their introduction video and decide for yourselves whether the creation of these characters is welcome or just plain weird.

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