We got a haircut at “Japan’s Leading Barber” and walked away feeling like a million bucks

From a boy in a suit to leader of the free world in the blink of an eye.

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Genius Japanese dad designs T-shirt that tricks your kids into giving you a massage as they play

Is your child going through a train phase? Then it’s time for you to get aboard the free massage express just by putting on this shirt.

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Kyoto massage parlor would like to offer you a head rub on a self-driving tatami reed floor【Vid】

Company behind Tokyo’s steampunk massage parlor goes even more old-school with beautiful and relaxing innovation.

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Sexy science experiment tests one of Japan’s most persistent pieces of folk wisdom.

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Tokyo company offers foot massages from cute VR anime girls, but given by real-life men【Photos】

Completely embracing that virtual reality and actual reality are two different things.

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Tokyo’s new sleep-inducing “time machine” head massage parlor looks like steampunk/sci-fi day spa

If you need some time to unwind, you’ll want to make an appointment A.S.A.P.

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A simple DIY shiatsu hand massage to relieve all that pent-up stress from work【Video】

Take things into your own hands and relieve that stress!

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What happens when you use a facial massage roller for two weeks straight?

Do these things really work? Let’s find out!

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Man falls asleep in Japanese store’s massage chair, wakes up to find himself locked in【Photos】

Sounds like this electronics shop’s products work a little too well.

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Arrive tired and jet off refreshed at Korea’s First Class “healing cafe”!

A new cafe chain has taken flight in South Korea, bringing “first class” relaxation service to shopping malls with its airline concept.

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Adorable Japanese kitty is having the time of his nine lives with this face massager 【Video】

Maybe they should sell these things in the pet supply section instead of the beauty products corner?

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This Singaporean ad shows that there’s nothing more unbearable than rubbing down beautiful ladies all day.

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Christmas may have come and gone, but the fun doesn’t stop here at RocketNews24 – today we’d like to share with our readers a heartwarming tale of two lonely male internet writers who, facing a dateless Christmas Eve (a sad state of affairs indeed for any Japanese male), decided to strike back against societal norms and… book into a love hotel together

Read on as we explore an enchanting evening involving massage, saunas, and fundoshi (Japanese traditional loincloths) aplenty! Disclaimer: you must be 18 or over to view this potentially NSFW, kind of frightening post!

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Following trends can be a tricky affair, especially when it comes to fashion trends. The latest clothes and styles may look absolutely fabulous in magazines and photos online, but many a time, they are not the most suitable for everyone, because not everyone has a model-like body or attitude to carry off these trends.

Take the latest boob shirt craze for example. Many girls are probably itching to let out their inner-fashionistas by getting into one of those sexy sweaters, but the boob shirt is one good example of a trend that requires certain assets to pull off. Fret not, ladies, the Oppai Taisou Hand (which literally means “Boob Exercise Hand”) is here to help you shape up for your fashion endeavors!

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Host of bizarre video series tries to increase the size of her bust by massaging it with vegetables

No, this is not a joke. This is an actual video–number 28, actually–in a whole series of videos made for the sole purpose of trying to find the best ‘method’ to increase a small-chested woman’s bust size.

In this particular excerpt, our unfaltering host Ryoko tries out one of her ideas for natural enlargement by massaging her chest…with summer vegetables?! All of you interested ladies (and men; we know that y’all secretly want to increase your chest size so you can wear one of these little gems), join us after the jump to learn more about this “Method to increase your breast size when harvesting summer vegetables”!

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New Shampoo Bar shop in Tokyo promises you a nap, or your money back!

Do you dread that feeling of drowsiness that creeps up on you in the afternoon? Are you sick of having to fight that urge to pass out at work? Well, maybe you should consider using your mid-afternoon break not to down another cup of caffeine, but to give in and catch some z’s–at the local Shampoo Bar!

In another one of Japan’s ingenious solutions to life, the “Shampoo Specialty Shop Shampoo Bars” aim to give their clients, most of whom are frazzled salarymen and office ladies, a few minute’s respite from the chaos of work with–you guessed it–a relaxing shampoo treatment and head massage! The chain has locations in both Tokyo and Fukuoka City, and a new shop just opened last week in Tokyo’s Akasaka district. In celebration, the Akasaka branch has been offering a new menu item since June 1 which is geared especially towards all of the exhausted office workers out there: a “Shampoo Napping” course!

And here’s the best part: If you don’t manage to take a snooze, your money will be fully refunded! 

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New Head Spa Massage Unit Promises Extreme Relaxation, Makes You Look Like Robocop

As regular readers may recall, despite being a big hairy beast of an Englishman, this writer has kind of a soft spot for head spa treatments. Although I used to abhor the very thought of entering a salon and allowing a stranger to wash and massage my scalp while being surrounded by guys with floppy fringes and women having their hair dyed orange, I have become such a fan of Japanese head spas since my wife first dragged me along to try one that I now make a point of getting one every month without fail. It probably helps that it’s usually a pretty girl who’s cradling my lumpy Shrek head and running her fingernails through my hair, but it’s nothing short of bliss.

So when I caught sight of the new Mondaile Head Spa iD3 headset from Breo I was genuinely intrigued. It certainly looked futuristic enough to have the potential, but surely a pile of plastic and wires couldn’t really come close to my living, breathing masseuse’s skilled fingertips? The tech lovers over at Japan’s Web R25 put the unit through its paces and proclaimed it “a must” for gadget lovers, but judging from the reactions of at least one everyday user, the device is not without its quirks.

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Send Your Loved Ones Christmas Greetings, But Send it Secretly with Coke!

Imagine you want to ask that girl or guy of your dreams out this holiday season, but maybe you’re too shy to do it out right. You could send a text or e-mail, but that’s kind of lame and bland.

Go figure: the megacorporation Coca Cola is here to provide you with a sweet, intimate, and memorable way to tell people how you feel.

It works kind of like a sugary time bomb of love. All you need is a plastic bottle of coke and a marker.

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A Tale of Two Sex Crimes, Kanagawa Home of Back to Back Kinky Criminal Mischief

It looks like people are getting their freak on in Kanagawa Prefecture these days. In the past two months a couple of truly unconventional sexually natured crimes took place that left police scratching their heads and going “huh.”

Our first tale involves a gay robber arrested on 13 November who slipped sleeping pills up the rumps of his victims.  This incident was quickly followed by the 14 November arrest of the manager of a rub & tug parlor for women which I guess would be a rub & rub?

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