Do you dread that feeling of drowsiness that creeps up on you in the afternoon? Are you sick of having to fight that urge to pass out at work? Well, maybe you should consider using your mid-afternoon break not to down another cup of caffeine, but to give in and catch some z’s–at the local Shampoo Bar!

In another one of Japan’s ingenious solutions to life, the “Shampoo Specialty Shop Shampoo Bars” aim to give their clients, most of whom are frazzled salarymen and office ladies, a few minute’s respite from the chaos of work with–you guessed it–a relaxing shampoo treatment and head massage! The chain has locations in both Tokyo and Fukuoka City, and a new shop just opened last week in Tokyo’s Akasaka district. In celebration, the Akasaka branch has been offering a new menu item since June 1 which is geared especially towards all of the exhausted office workers out there: a “Shampoo Napping” course!

And here’s the best part: If you don’t manage to take a snooze, your money will be fully refunded! 

No one can deny the positive benefits of a good nap to boost energy, and that is exactly what the Akasaka branch of the Shampoo Bar shops is promoting with their latest “Shampoo Napping” feature. The course consists of a 10-minute relaxation shampoo treatment, followed by a five-minute scalp massage (while applying a hot towel to promote further relaxation), and an additional five-minute scalp acupressure massage. All of that to restore you from fatigue for only 2,000 yen (US$19.50), excluding tax. You can also throw in a hot eye mask for 200 yen ($1.95) extra.

Customers can rest assured because their relaxation is 100% guaranteed– if the shampoo treatment and massages aren’t enough to lull you to sleep, the workers clearly aren’t doing their jobs properly, and you’ll get a full refund!

We were hoping to send one of our writers there to actually experience the treatment, but then promptly realized that it would make for a boring report since the reporter would just be sleeping the whole time. Guess you’ll all have to go instead and try it out for yourselves!

▼Oh, and meet the lovely ladies who will be taking good care of your scalp!


Shampoo specialty shop “Shampoo Bar Tokyo Akasaka branch”
Address: Sugano Bldg. 2F, 4-3-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
A five-minute walk from the Akasaka-Mitsuke Station
Phone reservations: 0120-194-328
Hours: Weekdays & Saturday 11 AM-9 PM, Holidays 11 AM-8 PM
Closed Sundays
URL: http://www.shampoo-bar.com

【シャンプー専門店『Shampoo Bar 東京赤坂店』】
所在地: 東京都港区赤坂4-3-4 菅野ビル2F
TEL: 0120-194-328
営業時間: 平日・土曜日11:00~21:00 祝日11:00~20:00
定休日: 日曜日
URL: http://www.shampoo-bar.com

Sources: niconico news, @ Press News, Shampoo Bar
Images: Shampoo BarMynavi Woman