If you need some time to unwind, you’ll want to make an appointment A.S.A.P.

When you’ve been spending long hours at the office, or running around doing errands all day, or even after a hard workout, sometimes there’s nothing better than to splurge on a nice full-body massage to relax those tired, aching muscles. To have a skilled professional knead the knots right out of your shoulders and back…ahh, that’s the life.

But did you know that a head massage can be even more relaxing? After all, we carry a lot of our tension in our head and neck, and that builds up into headaches and fatigue. A good massage to release those clenched muscles and to increase the blood flow to the brain is a great way to relieve tension and relax.

That’s why Kyoto-based massage chain Goku no Kimochi offers their reportedly phenomenal head massages. Founded in 2008 as the first ever head massage-specialty parlor, they have since expanded to opening a branch in Osaka’a Shinsaibashi, and Tokyo’s Omotesando and Ginza. Their massages are so popular that there is a three-month waiting period for appointments at each location.

Their secret to success? An amazing massage technique that brings on sleep so quickly it’s almost like fainting, but more comfortable, of course.

Using techniques that massage the layers of connecting tissues in the head, their magic fingers stimulate the production of dopamine and other pleasure hormones, which causes the majority of customers to become so relaxed that they fall sleep within ten minutes. They say they can even bring you all the way from high energy to a state of slumber.

Now to add to their success, they’ve just opened a new branch in Tokyo’s Harajuku on January 11, but the new store’s theme is a little bit different: they’re calling it “A Sleep Ride”. When you visit this branch, they want you to feel like you’re entering a time machine that will transport you to a happier time in an instant. Using their sleep-inducing massage techniques, they want to send you on a journey through time to a future where you’re feeling more relaxed and happy.

▼ When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll walk through this steampunk time travel door to get inside.

They chose this new concept of a “time machine” because many of their customers at the other branches said that getting one of their massages is like riding a time machine; the time magically passes by without you noticing. You wake up feeling the same bizarre feeling that you have after getting surgery, when one moment you’re awake, and the next you’re waking up from a sleep you didn’t realize was coming, and everything that you were worried about is now in the past.

▼ The decor of the salon feels like you’ve stepped into a space ship!

We hope that there’s no secret organ harvesting going on here with this sleep-inducing wizardry, but if it’s as relaxing a massage as they say, we’re very curious to try it. Warm hands gently massaging your skull as calm, pleasure, and a sense of relief wash over you, making you so relaxed that you are lulled into sleep within ten minutes? That sounds wonderful–so long as they aren’t harvesting our energy for the Sailor Moon Negaverse! Sine the wait list is already at the three-month mark, though, in the meantime we’ll have to settle for this sleep cafe to get our snooze on.

Salon information:
Goku no Kimochi Harajuku Jingu Location / 悟空のきもち原宿神宮店
Address: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 3-21-7, Jingumae NT Building
Open 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

Source, images: PR Times

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