At least one of these is guaranteed to make your mouth water.

Muji in Japan is an excellent place to get anything from clothes through to household goods and snacks, but the sheer variety can be overwhelming. That’s why our Japanese-language reporter P.K. Sanjun asked a staff member at Muji for the five Muji snacks they would shell out their hard-earned money for in this installment of the Clerk’s Own Pocket Recommendation.

▼ Seriously, where do we even start?

When asked for his recommendations, the humble Muji staff member asked a number of times, “Are you sure you want recommendations of what I personally like?” Yes, dear staff, you know the stock better than any of us! And so, here are his top five recommendations.

1. Tea Boule de Neige – 250 yen (US$1.82)

In the Muji staff member’s words: “This is what I like the most and what I buy most often.” These are cookies that are widely known for not using any eggs. P.K. thought they had a nice and crunchy texture with a ton of black tea flavor. They were delicious and made him feel sophisticated.

2. Chocolate Florentins – 250 yen each

According to the staff member, the plain Florentins are tasty, but he prefers the chocolate ones. These made P.K. feel fancy, too. He thinks they’d go great with coffee, tea, or a tall glass of milk.

3. Salted Potato Sticks – 120 yen

“These remind me of Jaga Pokkuru,” a high-end potato stick snack by Calbee that uses Hokkaido potatoes. P.K. agreed with his sentiment as he crunched on the flavorful sticks.

4. Double Chocolate Marshmallows – 290 yen

Truth be told, our staff member had a hard time coming up with five items right off the bat. When he called to a female staff member for help, she answered, “Double Chocolate Marshmallows” without missing a beat. They’re pretty self-explanatory–chocolate-filled marshmallows–but they were positively addictive.

5. Salmon Skin Chips – 150 yen

The female staff member also offered a more savory suggestion of Salmon Skin Chips. They’re crisp, roasted, and super flavorful. They’re not fried, so they don’t taste oily at all.

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▼ And here’s P.K.’s personal favorite.

The Salmon Skin Chips won the flavor contest. One crunch was enough for him to want to say out loud, “Umai!!” (“Delicious!”). Try one or all of these snacks if you’re overwhelmed at the number of options available. They’re all SoraNews24-approved!

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