Main dishes, sides, and desserts, all shaped like the loveable Studio Ghibli anime star.

Anime fans can debate at length the question of which is the best Studio Ghibli movie, but it’s pretty clear that the most memorable character is Totoro. With his mixture of fuzzy cuddliness and latent power, the forest spirit appears at once both childlike and ancient, making him an elegant metaphor for the appeal of the studio’s films themselves.

Plus, Totoro is the most versatile Ghibli character to adapt into awesome-looking food.

Japanese Twitter user @blacktotoros is extremely straightforward in her self-introduction, describing herself as a “Japanese girl loving cooking Totoro meals.” Among her creations are Totoro inarizushi, sushi rice wrapped in fried tofu and decorated to look like the anime star.

▼ These would make a great combo with some panda inarizushi.

Some of her Totoro meals even incorporate props, such as this fried-rice rice ball that’s holding an umbrella that’s actually a leaf of shiso (Japanese basil).

While all of the dishes @blacktotoros shares photos of look like the character, the resemblance is strongest in these konnyaku (starchy gelatin) Totoro.

▼ Enjoying a relaxing soak with some other oden buddies.

@blacktotoros takes a lot more creative license with the coloring on this Totoro potato salad, which cleverly incorporates a hard-boiled egg to recreate his charmingly round tummy.

▼ Another Totoro hot pot appearance, this time in grated daikon radish form.

Although it tastes delicious, some foreigners have a hard time accepting the concept of eating tarako, as cod roe is called in Japan. Maybe it’d gain greater acceptance if it was always shaped like Totoro.

And if you’re a parent having trouble encouraging your kids to clean their plates, you can always remind them that unless they eat all their vegetables, they won’t be getting any Totoro desserts, such as pudding…


…or little pumpkin pastries.

If you’re still hungry for more Totoro meals, you’ll be happy to know that @blacktotoros takes requests and, if her tweets are anything to go by, can get by in English as well, so let her know what you’d like her to make next. You won’t get to eat it, but we’re sure it’ll be a feast for the eyes.

Source and featured image: Twitter/@blacktotoros