The range even includes a couple of sporty kimono.

British singer-singwriter Rita Ora and popular sportswear brand Adidas have been working together since 2014, releasing several successful collections under the label “Adidas Originals by Rita Ora”. Their latest release for Spring Summer 2016, called “Asian Arena”, is inspired by the Japanese geisha, and features a kimono-style print with images of cranes, blossoms and pine trees. Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful pieces in the collection below.


▼ The kimono print track jacket has a ribbed stand-up collar and a Japanese kimono-style print on the attached neck sash and sleeves.


▼ The same print is used on the track pants and leggings below.


Cranes are often incorporated into kimono designs as they are believed to live for a thousand years, and inhabit the land of the immortals, making them a popular symbol of good fortune.



▼ Rita shares her love of Japan’s capital city with a track jacket emblazoned with the word “Tokyo” on the back.


The front of the jacket is embellished with the singer’s initials on the right, in a stylised pattern which resembles a traditional Japanese family crest.


▼ The lucky cranes from the kimono print appear again on the front of another track jacket…


▼ While the back features an image of pine trees and plum blossoms, symbols of longevity.


And when you go out to fight in the Asian Arena, you do it in a kimono. These robes come in two varieties, and will definitely help you stand out at the gym, post-workout.



▼ You can also wear the kimono in hoodie form, with the red lining of the hood recalling a bright obi sash.


There’s also an adorable backpack featuring the traditional Japanese symbols of good fortune used prominently in the collection.


The collection has received rave reviews in Japan, where people are thrilled to see that a high-profile international artist has been so inspired by Japanese culture. With prices for the collection being slightly higher in Japan than the United States (the kimono print jacket retails for US$150 in the States but 22,680 yen/US$197.77 in Japan), this is one Japanese-themed collection you don’t have to travel to Japan for!

Source: Japaaan
Top Image: Adidas Japan
Insert Images: Adidas Japan