Naomi Watanabe sports Adidas stripes in her hair to celebrate becoming brand ambassador

Some are simply given a title, but others–like Naomi Watanabe–wear it proudly.

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“Japanese Beyoncé” Naomi Watanabe is now a model for Beyoncé’s Ivy Park collection

The fashion icon goes from impersonating Queen Bey to working for her as a model.

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New Adidas Hachiko sneakers pay homage to Shibuya’s famous loyal dog

The third release in the Adidas x Atmos Shibuya Pack promoting Tokyo street culture to the world. 

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Wear Japan’s most iconic landmark on your shoes with this Adidas collaboration【Photos】

Get a bit of Japanese traditional culture in your step with shoes designed by tattoo artists from Osaka.

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Pokémon shoes from Adidas let you Poké yourself up from the feet up【Photos】

Pikachu and dozens of other Pocket Monsters species are here to give your feet some flair.

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Japanese dad has heartwarming and creative solution to son’s bad morning

We wish our dads treated us like this when we didn’t want to go to school, too.

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Adidas Shindo: Lose weight and release stress like a samurai with a wooden Japanese katana

Adidas exercise class takes its moves from Japanese samurai.

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Adidas collaborates with singer Rita Ora to create geisha-inspired collection

The range even includes a couple of sporty kimono.

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Adidas’ Attack on Titan fitness wear is perfect for exercise, fighting giants

Compared to most other action anime, the cast of Attack on Titan has a pretty low-survival rate. This could be because their opponents are remorseless man-eating giants, but is another key factor that fact that the Survey Corps’ uniforms are poorly suited for the duties the heroes perform? Sure, those cloaks look dramatically stylish, but they’re also bulky and movement-limiting, so maybe it’s about time Eren and his pals changed into some official Attack on Titan exercise wear from Adidas.

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How Many Little Bears Can You Get Snuggly With? Many, With These 3D Teddy Bear Pants!

Can you guess what the product pictured above is?

If you really, really love teddy bears, you may be interested to know that it’s a picture of a very unique clothing item sold by major sports brand Adidas. Read More