You hear a lot of news about the weird foods coming out of Japan. It’s almost as if, once a year or so at one food retailer or another, the guys in the marketing department have a meeting to determine the next delicious flavor to serve up to the masses, only for the director to suffer a minor brain aneurysm and start shouting a bunch of random gibberish about soil-flavored bananas or something.

And that, friends, is probably how we ended up with beef-topped ramen ice cream.

This year, Nissin, the company that invented the world-famous instant ramen noodles “enjoyed” by college students everywhere, has unveiled two new ramen ice cream flavors available at Yokohama’s Nissin Cup Noodles Museum.

You can also concoct your own hilariously incongruous flavor combinations at the My Cup Noodles Factory


For 300 yen a piece, visitors to the museum’s “Noodles Bazaar” food court can stuff their faces with soy ramen and curry ramen-flavored ice cream, adorably served in little foam instant noodle cups and topped with honest-to-God instant ramen freeze-dried toppings, like shrimp, beef cubes, egg, potatoes and chives.

It’s safe to assume – or at least hope – that these frozen treats have been flavor tested such that the curry and soy flavors are relatively subtle (this is typically the case with more common “gross out” ice cream flavors like wasabi), but we can’t really fathom the decision to put actual freeze-dried beef cubes and stuff on top. Sweet and savory can work sometimes, but we know from experience that soy sauce and ice-cream do not mix. Still, if it’s a weird food in Japan, you can bet we’re going to go try it at some point! No, not me or anything. The guy that lost the rock paper scissors contest at the office.

So, look out for our taste test coming soon!


Source: Nissin
Photos: Nissin, Wikimedia Commons