It’s good to see that the youth of today still know how to take their jobs seriously, but this guy definitely goes above and beyond!

I’m not personally fond of yakiniku restaurants where your order fine cuts of meat and barbecue them yourself right at the table. Call me crazy, but I go to restaurants with the prime objective of avoiding cooking.

For busboys and busgirls, too, yakiniku restaurants have got to be the least enjoyable restaurants to work in. Rather than simply collecting dishes and wiping down tables, these people have to clean down and/or carry entire charcoal grills to and and from each table several times a day.

That’d be enough to wear down the morale of any part-timer working their way through school, but then we have the young man below who was caught on video at a Mie Prefecture Yakiniku King restaurant.

▼ “At Yakiniku King we found this boy cleaning freakishly fast. *This video was not sped up.”

Rather than let his job get him down, he clearly made a decision to own it. You could make the case that by moving so fast, he probably wasn’t cleaning the table all that well, but from what I can see in that 30 second clip, he does appear to be doing a thorough job.

Unfortunately, we were unable to uncover the identity of this busboy because his face was moving faster than the camera could record it.

Let that be a reminder to all of us to take pride in our jobs and do our very best whether the president of a country, medical doctor, sanitation engineer, or my personal stylist.

That’s right, I’m talking to you, Maurice. Get your s**t together.

Source: Twitter/@minto0601 (Japanese)