There seems to be a growing trend of busboys with ninja-like cleaning skills.

Bussing tables isn’t the most glamorous of jobs. At peak times throughout the day it can be so hectic it makes your head spin, and even at high-end restaurants it can be pretty dirty work. That’s not to look down on people who bus tables for a living; quite the opposite, actually, as it takes someone with a lot of energy and perseverance to do the job day in and day out.

Even more impressive are those who excel at this line of work. “Wait, how does one excel at bussing tables?” you may be wondering. Well, have a look:

▼ Everybody was kung-fu cleaning ♪

The clip is rather short, but in it we can see a busboy from an unspecified restaurant in China wiping down a table at lightning speed, even giving the towel a seemingly gravity-defying spin mid-clean. And in the blink of an eye, he’s finished.

The question of effectiveness comes up and rightly so – it seems it would be hard to ensure that the table got properly cleaned with such a brief wipe-down. But we’re willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, as he seems to know what he’s doing. At the very least, it makes for some pretty interesting entertainment to go along with your meal.

This seems to be part of a growing trend, as we’ve seen busboys with ninja-like skills cleaning tables at restaurants in Japan too. Is there a secret ninja-busboy training school out there we don’t know about? We’ll be keeping an eye out for more of their pupils in the future!

Source, featured image: YouTube/People’s Daily, China via TOYCHAN