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Motorsports, hot springs, huge ramen, and an amusement park: All reasons to visit Suzuka Circuit

Mie Prefecture’s Suzuka is the home of Japan’s most famous racetrack, but there’s more than cars to get excited about.

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This beautiful beefy bento is one of the best meals you can have on a train in Japan

Kobe beef’s fiercest rival is the star of this sukiyaki ekiben that not only tastes amazing, but sounds great too.

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Women’s high school soccer team wins Mie Prefecture championship with only 70 percent of a team

You’d probably have expected their 8-on-11 matches to be bloodbaths, and they were

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Mie man arrested for appearing naked on another man’s third-floor balcony

Someone’s 2019 is off to a skin-crawling start.

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People in Japan go crazy for Japanese koi fish with love hearts on its eyes

People are travelling far and wide to catch a glimpse of the rare beauty in this koi fish pond.

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These stunningly beautiful seasonal pink flowers from Japan are NOT cherry blossoms【Photos】

Gorgeous photographs and video prove the sakura aren’t the only stars of Japanese flora.

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Mie man arrested for collecting photos he took of female coworker while at work

Charges cause many to wonder where the line between stalking and a secret crush lies.

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Iga man faces 18-month prison sentence for harassing courier with chainsaw, posting it on YouTube

I used to assume anyone with the nickname “Chainsaw Man” was automatically cool. I was wrong.

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Scientific study from Japan proves ninja hand gestures sharpen the mind and reduce stress

Next time you’re feeling stressed, act like a ninja and perform these nine simple hand signals.

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Six Japanese foods you won’t want to miss trying in Ise

Taking a trip to Mie Prefecture and Ise Shrine? Don’t forget to bring your camera, and your appetite too.

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This beautiful, traditional Japanese building is actually a fully modern convenience store

Convenience stores in Japan are often like mini supermarkets, but this one near one of Shinto’s holiest shrines also feels like a time machine.

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Busboy found cleaning tables at blinding speeds in yakiniku restaurant

It’s good to see that the youth of today still know how to take their jobs seriously, but this guy definitely goes above and beyond!

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【Obituary】 Giant isopod “No.1” found dead after more than five years of not eating

On 14 February at Toba Aquarium, the giant isopod that captured the imaginations of a nation was found dead in its tank by keepers and media. This brings to an end the record-setting hunger strike No.1 had been waging since 2009.

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Remote tea shop serving up deep fried leaves as a summer treat

Japan is a rich country when it comes to specialty treats and dishes. Small towns all over the nation can offer up unique foods and drinks you’ll never find anywhere else.

Shigenobu Matsuzawa who has uncovered Japan’s hidden treasures such as Digital Kowloon City, The Life and Sex Museum, and Gunma Cycle Sports Center now has found one such snack in Mie Prefecture that you’re unlikely to find in most places: Maple Tempura.

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Japan’s World Heritages Fly Well Under Radar

Did you know that Japan has 16 locations on the list of UNESCO World Heritages? Could you name them all with any sum of money on the line?

Survey Research Center, Co. Ltd. conducted a survey that showed that most people could not. When asked whether they were interested in Japan’s world heritages, 67.8% of those surveyed responded affirmatively. However, only 4% of respondents knew all 16 Japanese sites.

See how many you can name before looking at the list below:

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